06.01.2018 - 14.01.2018 - Production Value 2018

Production Value 2018
The European Scheduling & Budgeting Workshop

Now heading for its 12th edition, Production Value is an eight-day residential Workshop on scheduling and budgeting European feature films and TV series with budgets ranging from 2.5 to over 10 million Euro. Working in teams of two, junior line producers and junior assistant directors from all over Europe are assigned real projects in development, as brought to the workshop by their directors and producers. Teams are coached by top-level European line producers and assistant directors. Additional experts in visual effects and post-production are part of the process. Directors and producers of the projects play an important part: they join the workshop towards the end to discuss the various concepts, options and results. The workshop is completed both by plenary sessions devoted to general topics related to line producing and assistant directing, and by case studies by the seniors.

The objectives of Production Value are the improvement of best practice in Europe in the fields of assistant directing and line producing, as well as the consolidation of a network of professionals sharing the same values and similar experience. Emphasis is placed on understanding different European working conditions. A growing success initiative within the European film industry, Production Value is the only training program addressing this segment, and its working process is a unique training experience that you won’t forget!

For additional details, registration and making-of of the previous editions, please consult Production Value Net

Participants 6 junior assistant directors and 6 junior line producers. For details about the level of applicants, consult productionvalue.net
Application from producers and directors with a complex project to schedule and budget is subject to selection by the Head of Studies. Please write to studies@productionvalue.net

Date and venue: Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 January 2018, in Lecce, Italy

Registration deadline: 10 November 2017
Registration form productionvalue.net
Kindly add a full CV and a motivation letter.

€ 800, including food and lodging for line producers
€ 500, including food and lodging for assistant directors.
Travelling costs are not included.

Three to four participants are eligible for half or a full scholarship covering expenses for travel and subsistence, provided that the participants have not already benefited from another scholarship for the same expenses. Scholarships are primarily foreseen for participants from countries with low income.

English only. Fluent English is a prerequisite for all participants.

Tutors of the former editions
Jose-Luis Escolar, Senior Line Producer ES
Laura Fattori, Senior Line Producer IT
Daniela Forn Mayor, Senior Assistant Director SP
Scott Kirby, Senior Assistant Director DE
Alberto Mangiante, Senior Assistant Director IT
David Martínez Alvarez, Senior Assistant Director ES
Marco Valerio Pugini, Senior Line Producer IT
Stuart Renfrew, Senior Assistant Director UK
Michael Schwarz, Senior Line Producer DE
Mathias Schwerbrock, Senior Line Producer DE
Kaare Storemyr, Senior Line Producer NO

Head of Studies
Kaare Storemyr

General Coordinator
Hannah Lichtenstein